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Snail & Slug Solutions implements a workable strategy that focuses on long-term control of snail, slug and isopod populations through a combination of identification and monitoring, research, prevention and the introduction of control systems in an economically and environmentally sustainable way.

Monitor & Identify

Identifying the slug or snail species present in crops greatly influence the control measures used and continual monitoring help us to determine the scope of the snail infestation and identify problem areas at an early stage.

This monitoring and identification ensures that no molluscicides will be used when not necessary or that the incorrect molluscicides will be used.


We focus our research projects on a broad selection of snail, slug and isopod control including chemical, biological and cultural systems. Our goal is to integrate new tools that are economically and environmentally viable.

Including trategies for the management of snails, slugs and isopods in vineyards, orchards, grain, and cereal fields and nurseries.


Snail & Slug Solutions work to manage producers’ orchards or vineyards to prevent snails, slugs and isopods from becoming a threat. This may mean using cultural, chemical or biological methods.

These pre-emptive control methods can be very effective and cost-efficient. Timing is the most critical aspect in the prevention of a snail or slug infestation.


Once monitoring indicate that snail, slug or isopod control is required, and preventive methods are no longer effective, Snail & Slug Solutions will analyse and evaluate the information gathered during monitoring to develop a long-term control system.

Both for effectiveness and risk, to reduce slug and snail pests, rather than relying on a desperate reaction to an immediate problem.

Grain Crops

snail slug and isopod trapping and monitoring in wheat and cerealJust one single slug can hollow out as many as 50 wheat seeds in the first week after drilling.



snail slug and isopod trapping and monitoring on vegetablesMany vegetable crops have zero tolerance for slug contamination which may lead to crop disaster.


Fruit Trees

snail slug and isopod trapping and monitoring in orchardsContinual monitoring of snails and isopods in fruit orchards even if numbers are low are essential.



snail slug and isopod trapping and monitoring in vineyardsTiming is everything in the control of snail and slug numbers in the vineyard.


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