Snail and Slug Solutions

integrated snail & isopod management

Snails are becoming an ever increasing concern in South African vineyards mainly due to the increased use of surface mulch and cover crops. Snails and slugs can cause severe problems in vineyards by feeding of buds and young leaves during spring through early summer causing stunted shoot growth and loss of bunches, significantly reducing yield potential of vines.

From mid to late summer snails seeking shelter from the hot, dry conditions among branches and leaves contaminating grapes at harvest. More often than not fungal infections take hold after snails damage the skin of the berries. It is during this warmer time of the year that snails are more visible in the vine canopy, but when you can see them here it usually means that it is already to late to effectively bait.

Timing is therefore everything when it comes to controlling snail and slug numbers in the vineyard. Applying baits earlier rather than later will reduce snail numbers, thereby preventing egg lays and hence restricting the snail population prior to spring.

It is also of interest to note that a snail’s shell is produced by the secretion of calcium carbonate. Snails therefore need calcium in their diet and environment to maintain a strong and healthy shell.S Consequently, snails are usually a problem in areas with lime rich soils and addition of lime to soils during soil preparation will thus benefit snails.

Snail & Slug Solutions provides a professional snail trapping and monitoring service. Providing analysis of snail populations, species and recommended snail baits including the right dosage per hectare.

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